JWS communicates with its members and sponsors through Email notices, Newsletters, Mailings, Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Links to Facebook and Instagram are at the bottom of each page on the website.

Make sure your email address is on file with the Membership VP to receive the email notices and newsletters.

In addition,  JWS communicates with the general public through Arbus publications, local news, and cultural councils.  We distribute a calendar of events in Spring and the Fall trifolds to invite the public to attend JWS meetings, shows and workshops.  

Share your accomplishments and upcoming events on our Facebook page and in the newsletter. We're happy to publish pertinent information that may be of interest to JWS members - upcoming shows, receptions, awards, classes, workshops, items for sale, and info from other arts organizations.

For Newsletter news or website, please contact Karen Zelenkov, Newsletter editor Co-VP Communications. 
For Facebook and Instagram news, please contact Carol Doyle, Social Media editor Co-VP Communications.

Newsletters are published Sep-Nov and Jan-May. Members with e-mail will receive an online copy only. 

 had generally been published in September for Fall events and in January for Spring events.  Trifolds were changed in 2023 to a generic version that could be used for multiple years, without specific references to monthly meetings, workshops, and shows calendar of events.  

Links to other websites which may be of interest to members include art organizations, vendors and art suppliers, and workshop artists .